Buy A New Gas Boiler In The U.K

When it comes to buying and installing a new boiler in your home, there can be little doubt, it’s a big household decision. Indeed, I was hugely surprised when I found out it is always in the top 7 household spend objects by value. Surprising isn’t it?

Getting A Good Deal

Clearly you want the best deal available and you also want a qualified engineer to do your install, ideally from somewhere fairly local to where you live.

Having said that, you have to be careful because the best deal in pure financial terms is often far from the best in quality! We all accept that. Base-bottom rates often translates to worse standards of installing and workmanship meaning you pay greater costs over the long-term. I think it was termed “Red Adair” syndrome. You think it’s expensive to hire an expert, wait and see how much it costs you to hire a cowboy.

whattypeofboilerBoiler Types to Heat Your Home

So what kinds of heating boilers can you buy in the UK for efficient and c ost effective heating and hot water? In essence there are actually three key choices, you can check out the choices below:

The Combi Boiler

These combi or combination boiler as they’re often called are able supply your home with dependable hot water although the water can take a couple of seconds to get properly hot. But, essentially it’s hot water “on demand” They are generally chosen by those who own smaller sized properties as there is no need for tanks or cylinders. Having said that, a 37kw combi can heat and provide ample hot water for a relatiovely large family home (4-5 bedrooms)

Plus, because they don’t have nearly as many components, they really are extremely quick to get the installation completed. They’re great when space is at a p[remium as they don’t take up too much room in your house. The only issue some people have with a combi is you can suffer from a veryu monir reduction in water pressure when demand is high.

The Conventional Boiler

A traditional boiler also called a heat only boiler. This arrangement is able to supply the hot water not just to one’s tank but additionally all through your radiators too. And, because hot water is always accessible it’s possible to operate as many taps as you want without any loss of water pressure.

Although a great deal bigger when compared to the combi (because of the need for for both cold and hot water tanks), they are normally cited in the attic so they’re hidden from view. Hot water is restricted in terms of the amount the cylinder can hold and they also require a programmable controller. This can be an issue at times of high demand in a big family home.

The System Boiler

A system boiler actually works in a pretty comparable manner to conventional boilers. The main distinction is the system boiler can have added segments incorporated into it meaning it’s less complicated on the installment procedure. Consequently there is no expansion tank or stand alone feed needed.

And, probably the largest upsides is that these systems permit the use of a “back-up” immersion heater giving a safeguard in case of problems or indeed a breakdown. If you get a mains sourced hot water cylinder installed then there’ll be no necessity for a cold water tank to be cited in your loft.

Funding Your Brand New Boiler

If you reside here in The U.K, you will find many different ways for you to pay for your new system with Hassle Free Boilers. Here are some options for your new boiler purchase:

•    Purchase your new system outright (sale price will normally include full install costs).
•    Pay for the boiler via a loan both with a downpayment or not. (Again this always incorporates the set up outlay).
•    Invest in the “All Inclusive” contract complete with your new boiler, set up and an inclusive service plan is incorporated for a simple small monthly subscription payment. This also can be with or without a deposit.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Properties throughout the nation have benefitted from employing these super-efficient boilers in their homes. Get a modern Grade E combi boiler from Hassle Free, it maybe up to 50 percent more environmentally efficient therefore saving your energy bills as well as the enviornment at the same time.

Hassle Free Boilers are able to install systems via three top-end manufacturers, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Ideal

Are you planning to exchange your old inefficient boiler? Save nearly half on your heating costs? Get in touch with Hassle Free Boiler for a free quote – use the simple on site webform or give them a call.

What’s going on in Digital Recruitment in 2016?

Recruiting In The Digital World

Hello Pam here and welcome to the site, so…time to write something on my virgin business site.

One thing that really fires me up is looking at a business and understanding what makes it successful. Today I am looking at South East England based Intelligent People a digital recruitment agency.

The Recruitment Game

eCommerce1Now, recruitment is a tough game, or can be if you don’t know what you are doing. People either take to recruitment or they don’t, it tends to be quite black and white. But it is very rare to find a company that takes training their consutants seriously. IP are the exception that breaks the rule. They have an in depth three month induction program for all new recruits.

How does it work? I talked to Doug Bates, one of the founders.

“Well, the first thing to say”, he smiles, “is that we rarely hire experienced recruiters”.

Why is that?

Real Market Knowledge

“Firstly, we like really good market knowledge so that our consultants really do know what they are talking about when they speak to clients. So, most of our consultants have spent time in digital marketing. They have worked on PPC campaigns, done SEO, understand analytics or have worked on campaign or product management. They must know and understand what a customer wants and why”.

How many agencies actually have that in their consultants?

“Very few”, Doug replies, “some consultants in IT (where IP were before moving in to Digital Marketing) have ex programmers or support people, and the more dedicated consultants make a real effort to understand IT from an overview perspective. And, I wouldn’t say “never” to someone without frontline digital marketing experience, but we find, if we get the right personal characteristics, that is the right fit for us”.

In Depth Training

So you are training marketers in sales and interpersonal skills to get the best from your consultants, is that right?

“Essentially, yes, we have been going twelve years now and we find that is the way that works for us. What clients seem to like is the consultants can talk to them on doug_batestheir level. Because they truly understand what the job roles are, we find it much easier to get clients to open up and just talk, because the consulktant and the client are just on the same page”.

“In sales terms we call it “pacing” with the client. In other words, you are talking to them in their domain, in their world. That world is digital marketing or one subset of the market, like affiliate and partnership marketing recruitment, chief marketing officer vacancies or indeed product management jobs. Whatecver it might be if our consultants truly understand that “world”, it puts us at an immediate advantage over recruiters at other agencies that don’t have that initimate knowledge”.

So you training course lasts up to three months for recruits new to marketing recruitment, is that right?

The Right Process

“Yes, very much so. For someone who is new to sales and customer interaction, there are certain traits and skills we need to teach people. We have a very set process we like our consutants to adopt when interacting with clients. Of course there are situations where something different needs to happen. However, essentially, each hire goes through a set process from initial client contact, through requirement capture, candidate search and interview arrangement to finally managing offer and start of work”.

And it’s working for you?

“We’re still here twevle years later”, he smiles.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear a success story where a business has really thought about how and why they work in the way they do. Doug is an impressive individual who very much has his business exactly where he wants it.

Here’s Doug talking about Product Management.



When You Can Use Customer Advice Services

Telephone-Legal-Advice-Legal-OperatorEvery once in a while, there appear some situations that need a delicate resolution. It’s about those situations when you have bought something and you’ve discovered that it’s not working properly, and the store where you’ve bought from won’t offer you warrantee or give you back the money.

This was just an example, but these situations are frequent and that’s the reason why this kind of service is needed. Every country has an institution who takes care of the rights of the customers, a place where people can send petitions  and, if they are right, they also receive the help they need.

Let’s see what are some of the situations when you can ask for customer help to guide you and advise you on what you need to do to make things right for you, as a customer.

Car Related Situations

When you have a car, you might encounter some problems with it. However, if you have just bought it, you are entitled to having it repaired if there’s a serious problem, like the car breaks down, the brakes don’t work properly or the engine fails. In these situations, you will be able to ask for repairs being made by the seller, or you could get some or all the money that you have paid.

However, you won’t get any help in these cases if you were told that the care has problems, if you have seen the car as it was and you’ve noticed the problems when you’ve bought it or if you reconsider the price that you have paid for your car – this last one is definitely no excuse for recovering the money and suing the seller.

When you think about buying a car, you need to make sure that it comes from an approved seller – these are usually known as dealers – those businesses that sell cars. It should be a dealer with a properly reputation, part of a trade association or some seller that has the CABlogo1cars inspected by independent motoring organizations or engineers.

When Purchasing Something

People usually don’t take this into consideration, and if they buy something that soon breaks down, they prefer to go and buy a new item. However, keep in mind that if you’ve done nothing wrong to determine the item to break down, you may be entitled to a replacement of the item, repair for it or even refund.

You will have these rights if the thing that you have got is damaged or broken, and you notice this at home, if it’s not fit for the purpose it was made, or if it’s something that doesn’t correspond with the advertisement made for it or if it doesn’t fit the description made by the seller.

However, if you are the one who broke the item or if the item got damaged due to a misuse or an accident, you are not entitled to warranty, guarantee or replacement.

There’s also another situation when you can have legal help in dealing with buying something – when you discover that the item that you have just bought is counterfeit or fake. This usually happens when the seller advertises an item to be or a certain brand – meaning original – and you discover that it’s fake after you have bought it. However, things change if you knew beforehand that the item is not original – you are not entitled to refund.

Other Situations

slider1-660x330There are plenty of situations when you are entitled to getting legal help in dealing with every day things. For example, you can ask for customer advice when something that you have ordered hasn’t arrived, or when you think you have bought stolen goods; if you clothes have been damaged or lost by a dry cleaner service or if you’re not happy with a certain service – meaning a lower quality than promised.

Apart from this, you can get specialized advice when you need to cancel a holiday, getting compensation if the flight is cancelled or delayed, getting compensation for delayed or lost luggage when flying with a plane or getting a claim compensation for a holiday.